Lasting Joy Ranch
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           Lasting Joy Ranch is a family farm established in 1999. The current land housing the farm has been in the family for almost a century. We started with sheep and meat goats and later transitioned to Fainting Goats and Miniature Horses. 
         The mini horses quickly became our passion and love. Their intelligent and loving nature makes everyday on the farm inspiring! We also have begun to focus on miniature horses with elegant movement for showing and driving. Please look through our horses and catch the excitement. We always have horses for sale, inquiries are always welcome.             
        Lasting Joy Ranch has raised Fainting Goats, NeNe Geese, Mandarin Ducks, and other Exotic Waterfowl previously. Currently we raise Miniature Horses and Welsh Ponies.  The Welsh Ponies were added in 2013 and have been a Treasured addition.  Horses are the special love here at Lasting Joy Ranch!,